Receipes to try

Icecream from aquafaba:

Tofu cheesecake:

Mug chocolate cake:


Sugar syrup:

No bake lemme n cheesecake:


Reunion travels

Last year we got married and decided to wait a bit with our honeymoon as financials weren’t that good. So finally end of spring we were in a position to plan and book our honeymoon to Reunion island. Reunion island is part of France but it is situted in Indian Ocean close to Mauritius. Its is visa free for both EU citizens and South Africans.

We booked our flights from Joburg with Air Austral, the flight is about 4h long and and return flight for one person was around €350. During the flight they serve a very tasty meal for a plane food with lots of snacks.

We are staying in Reunion for 17 days, all though the island is very small, we wanted to make sure we see most of it in depth and lets not forget that we are travelling with a 1year old so we have to take the travels a bit slower.

We landed in St Denis on a Sunday evening around 1930, after which we had to get into contact with a transfer to our car rental place, called Garcia Location. They are around 5-10 min drive from the airport. We decided to book a car through them because we got the best price from them. And it doesn’t hurt to support local companies over the international giants. The transfer was included in the price and everything was quick, we also got the car after their normal office hours so very nice of them.

Our first airbnb accommodation is in Saint Benoit, about 30min drive from the airport. The first day got spent by getting some local information, food shopping and exploring couple of waterfalls and swimming in mountain rivers.

Travel ideas for South Africa

I get quite a few questions of what to do, see and where to go in South Africa. So I thought maybe I will skowly start to write them up. I havent visited all that I list, but if they are here then it still might be worth to check them out.


Blyde River Canyon – most stunning views I have seen in South Africa, you can either drive all viewpoints in one day or do multi day hikes in the canyons. Main view points are Gods Window, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and the Three Rondawels. I suggest seeing them in that order, as we did other way round and were slightly disappointed as the Three Rondawls has the most amazing view ever.

You can also spend another day in the surrounds visiting different waterfalls like Mac Mac falls, Lisbon falls, Berlin Falls, Horseshoe falls.

Pilgrims Rest is a small town that has been declared a National Museum because of its history in the early gold rush era. Walking around in that small town is like going back in time, very facinating and unusual to see.

Kruger National Park- the biggest in South Africa and home to the Big 5. As I personally havent been there I cant really give any tips and pointers, but there is lots of information available online. Kruger is managed by SAN Parks, you will find all necessary information from their website HERE.

Other places to visit around Johannesburg:

Magaliesberg mountains, Craddle of Humankind,Gold Reef City underground mine tours, Cullinan Diamond mine tour, Sun City Resort for outdoor waterparks, restaurants and more.

Ill add some photos later, once I get them from my laptop.

Here we go..

Welcome to our new home!

In the past I have attempted on this blogging thing quite a few times, some successfully, some not so successfully. As I have a new journey ahead of me I thought that maybe I will try again.

So lets start from the beginning. I am 26 years old and come from a tiny country in Eastern Europe called Estonia. I grew up on the farm chasing cows and pigs. But from early on I knew that I need to go and explore what else is out there to satisfy ny thirst for adventure. After graduating high school life took me to England, where I attended university and after 3 years I got my Bachlors degree in Adventure Tourism Management.

From there I was ready to take on a new adventure that lead me to the deep mountains of Drakensberg in South Africa. Straight away I met a man, who now is my husband and father of my daughter. Together we spent 2.5 wonderful years in those mountains and where my heart still is. But as usual I got restless and was time to go try out something new and thats how we ended up in Somerser West, my husbands home town and now our home town.. well atleast for half of the year, as other half our daughter and I spend it back in Estonia, where I grew up. We get the best of the both worlds.

Bit of us:

Me: stay at home mom to our baby girl, love hiking, mountain biking and good food.

Husband: mountain guide for Table Mountain, keen on fitness and all outdoor pursuits, always busy doing something.

Daughter: nature and water child, loves her strawberries and raspberries.

The dog: jack russell, who can run 15kms on full speed one day and the next laze in bed under blanket all day long.

This is us and hopefully we will see you again.